Minimal Shahnameh

When speaking of the Persian Shahnameh, everyone remembers Ferdowsi’s epic mythic poem collection.

In Minimal Shahnameh, the reader can imagine him- or herself standing in a room, observing paintings that portray the scenes of stories from Shahnameh. The voice of the storyteller can be heard. He narrates the myths of thousands of years ago with a simple and contemporary tone. No old expression and not a difficult word is heard. It’s a fancy trip to the ancient time; it’s an old scheme with new style.



Short Stories of The Entire Shahnameh

The first feature of this book is summarizing the entire Shahnameh and writing simply in two languages English/Farsi while considering the main structure of Shahnameh. Decorative foliage and difficult literary terms are excluded in the stories.

Narrating the stories in pictorial form is another feature of this book. Sixty-seven pieces have been painted by Jabbar Farshbaf.  Each painting related to a story. To better understanding of the names and characters, four tree diagrams are included at the beginning of each dynasty.


A Good Educational Source For Learners of The Persian Shahnameh

This collection can be used as a good education source for learners who are not familiar with Shahnameh. It’s the easiest way to learn about the main text without reading it for those who are interested in the book but are short on time. Linking images with the written content can help readers of any level review the short texts in less time while enjoying the vivid scenes of the stories and experiencing their epic, mythical atmosphere.

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