Shahnameh Collection

Shahnameh Paintings

The artworks displaying in this page are part of a Persian art project. The collection includes 67 pieces painted in a size of 100 × 120 centimeters, in acrylic and oil on canvas, This collection is a contemporary inspiration of famous Persian Book “Shahnameh”.  

 This project is a combination of contemporary literature and visual arts

A narrative bilingual English/Farsi book, Minimal Shahnameh, have been published by the artist, which includes all the artworks, along with the stories of the entire Shahnameh. Linking images with the written content in this book can help readers of any level review the short texts in less time while enjoying the vivid scenes of the stories and experiencing their epic, mythical atmosphere.

The Book "Minimal Shahnameh" is available to buy on Amazon


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Shahnameh Collection