Nostalgia for neon signs

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Nostalgia for neon signs

By Saeed Farahani an emerging Persian artist, who has some expositions in high rated galleries

and his first auction rate has been recorded in 2011 at Christies.
We promote his neon artwork as a Persian art project on FestiveArt;

and look to collaborate with some of the worlds most acclaimed art institutes to support his recent pieces.
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What drew me into the rhetorical devices such as light and neon lights, apart from being into fusion
of art and industry, was a kind of nostalgia for Tehran and Iran in the sixties and seventies











 Forbidden Singer




















Noon o Panir o Sabzi

from VATAN series   





Some of the artist's neon arts are dedications to the modern art masters such as

Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko and parodies of the Iranian flag.

He subsequently exhibited his neon works at various occasions such as

Tehran Sculpture Expo in summer 2011 

christies  auction Fall 2011.


Aside from this profound feeling, only one decade later, i.e. in the mid‐eighties, due to inattention to the cultural heritage, a painful childish memory of those broken, on or off neon lights high on above some cinemas, buildings in my hometown Tehran has strongly reminded me of those heart‐breaking days that I will never forget.


This is the image that my mind the memory that was so clear and strong that could depict the colourful neon lights with its abstract and different features and conceptions in my art works.



To Piet Monderian

90 x 90 x 18cm, 2010

Neon on Plexiglass


TV, 50x50x50 cm , Wood & flourrescent light





The memory of all those great and beautiful nostalgia
has the only thing been left in our mind.

A large number of huge neon lamps hung on top of the cinemas, nightclubs, and building entrance
have jump‐started the industries of Tehran and other major cities and have made them look more industrial.

Persometer (Persian + Thermometer)



Born in 1980, Saeed Farahan, Persian emerging artist, joined Broadcasting College in 1996 and trained as a graphic designer which led him to costume designing in different TV productions. He then entered University but left the university Unfinished and began to experience and evaluate different techniques in Visual Arts between 2002- 2008 and his first auction rate recorded on Christies, Dubai ( Iranian part ), 2011 on an artwork titled " Silence "

Contemporary Poet Monument (To Ahmad Shamloo)