Ardeshir II/Ardeshir The Beneficent

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Jabbar Farshbaf

Ardeshir II/Ardeshir The Beneficent



ID: 6294

Original painting art by Iranian artist, Jabbar Farshbaf


The upper and right part of the painting depicts the goddess of Mithra (Mehr) riding on a lion without any sword. This was the flag of Iran at that time, which is currently kept in the Hermitage Museum. The illustration of another petroglyph of Taq-e Bostan represents the coronation of Ardeshir II receiving the ring of power from Ahura Mazda. Mithra is standing behind Ardeshir with a circle of sunlight behind her head and Barsam plant in her hand (to pray and praise). The emperor of Roman, Julianus is seen beneath the king’s feet


Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions: 100 x 120 cm / 39 x 47 Inches

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"Ardeshir II/Ardeshir The Beneficent" a story of the Shahnameh Ferdowsi Painted by Iranian artist, Jabbar Farshbaf

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Name Ardeshir II/Ardeshir The Beneficent
Media (painting) Acrylic on Canvas

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