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Art Projects

While experiencing the new version of FestiveART in its 10th anniversary and trading Middle Eastern Contemporary art online, we focus on Persian Art Projects and showcase emerging /young artists’ collections which contains remarkable pieces with rich cultural references. The projects are displayed with information, detail, and stories behind them.

We happen to start focusing on these projects as we felt the importance of the precious researches that have been done on Persian Art & Culture. We aim to share these valuable art pieces to professionals, curators and institutes who may be interested to promote the projects in other platforms and galleries.

Society and human right are prior to everything in contemporary art so our mission is to express and project them to a higher level. While we focus on Persian art, we highlight the life style, ways of thinking, civilization and modernism in Iran.

FestiveART, as an artistic and economical platform, collects best Persian Art Projects that meet our criteria from different stages including artists’ exhibitions, art galleries, art fairs, and social media.

Click the images below to see any project.

Meanwhile there are many artworks from Masters, Experts and Youth on the company website to browse.



Nostalgia for neon signs